Where to buy your Eco-Vet products?

You can ask your own vet to order the products for you, from one of the veterinarian wholesalers.

You can find your closest retailer on the Retailer page , or you can Contact Us and let us know in which product you are interested in. We will assist you in obtaining the product via a vet, petshop or by sending it to you via a courier.

For more information on our products OR where to obtain our products please email us at ecovet@ecovet.co.za with your queries. You can also reach us on our helpline 0860 326 838

Recommended oral dosage:

Cats Half a ml
Small Dogs Half a ml
Medium Dogs 1 ml
Large Dogs 2 ml
Horses 5-10ml
All to be given 3 times a day 10 min before eating. All products are to be administered orally. See product insert for more information.


General Medicines

Eco-Allergy To aid the control of all allergic conditions and eczema. For consideration to relieve inflammation and pressure. Eco-Allergy also plays an important role in many acute respiratory situations. (Reg no. G3091)
Eco-Geriat A tonic for the more mature. Widespread multi-purpose organ support. Eco-Geriat functions as a rejuvenator and help depressed immune systems. (Reg no. G3094)
Eco-Heal First aid for all animals in all situations and minor accidents. An essential all in one. Main therapy in all acute accidents and injuries. The blend of remedies can assist in the control of fever, inflammation, haemorrhage, swelling and pain control. A pre- and post- exercise recovery toncic. (Reg no. G3044)
Eco-Immune Immune system stimulation. Of particular help where the problem is chronic or deep seated. Widespread application and total support. (Reg no. G3043)


Nutritional Supplements

Colostrum A nutritional supplement for both dogs and cats. Colostrum fights ageing, infection and allergy and ensures healthy litters. A unique product with a multi-vitamin approach to ensure that the skin receives adequate nourishment. Colostrum is the very first food of life, an amazing substance with the ability to protect and even rejuvenate. (Reg no. G3252)


Skin Conditions

Eco-Ciric A powerful and deeply acting medicine for use on any problems of a chronic nature. For the improvement and maintenance of healthy peripheral circulation. Treats navicular disease, ringbone and laminitis. (Reg no. G3291)
Eco-Eczema To assist animals that are affected by a wet eczema. Treats eczema that is associated with discharge, smell and hot spots. Treats exudative wet skin upsets and helps for allergies. (Reg no. G3050)
Eco-Hair Is a general conditioner where the skin/ hair needs some help. This is the tonic to keep the coats of show dogs in peak condition. Treats all horse problems including laminitis, navicular disease and phleg leg. (Reg no. G3096)
Eco-Scratch For dry eczema. Works on dry scratchy skin problems and allergies. Work on animals with really scratchy and inflamed skin. There may be a strong smell as a result of the skin irritation. (Reg no. G3046)


Nervous System

Eco-Fear Helps calm the animal during thunder, lighting, travel, shock, performance nervousness and tension. (Reg no. G3047)
Eco-Travel Treats travel sickness, stress, shock, fear and tension in all animals. (Reg no. G3049)


Digestive System

Eco-Bladder A general anti-inflammatory for minor problems associated with abnormal urine and urination. Treats cystitis of an acute and chronic nature. Works for spayed bitch incontinence in healthy dogs. (Reg no. G3293)
Eco-Colic A must to have on hand to control mild colics. Offers oral assistance for the recovery of abdominal pain due to colic and IBD. (Reg no. G3292)
Eco-Diarrho Helps with diarrhoea, mild food poisoning, gastro-intestinal spasms, poor digestion and upset tummies. (Reg no. G3092)
Eco-Lax Regulates the bowl function. Works against constipation both acute and chronic. For impaction colic and hair balls in cats. (Reg no. G3295)
Eco-Neph A medicine with a major role to play in the control of many problems of an acute and chronic nature related to the kidneys. For severe bladder and kidney disease. Blood, cramps, cystitis, nephritis and pain. For azoturia in horses. (Reg no. G3303)
Eco-Ulcer For the treatment of ulceration of the gastro-intestinal tract, corneal damage and ulceration. For gas colics. Works for gastro-intestinal ulceration including colic in horses, IBD in dogs, chronic gas production and diarrhoea. (Reg no. G3301)


Respiration System

Eco-Cough Works for all acute coughing, infections in general and running eyes. Where there is no nasal discharge or where any such discharge is free from pus. (Reg no. G3089)
Eco-Lungs For relief in the control of lower airway disease including asthma, COPD and respiratory failure. Works where there is evidence of acute or chronic asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy or pneumonia. (Reg no. G3298)
Eco- Snuff The answer to problems associated with infected discharges, including snuffles, abscess and sinus. For chronic respiratory infections, purulent discharges and feline snuffles. (Reg no. G3054)


Skeletal System

Eco-Arth Treats lameness, degenerative joint disease and chronic pain with restricted flexion. Works for arthritis associated with degenerative joint disease of joints and spine. Plays a large role in hip dysplasia. (Reg no. G3053)
Eco-Bone Treats lameness, severe long standing osteo-arthritis, deformities, bone swellings and orthopaedics. Even some of the most cases of HD and spondylitis may be assisted with this medicine. Helps to encourage healthy bone development in both young and elderly. All bone disorders and fractures. (Reg no. G3052)
Eco-Joint Works where first evidence of swelling in the joints is noticed. Treats lameness, joint disturbances, soft tissue swelling and early non-specific pain. For athletic recovery and works as a performance tonic. (Reg no. G3097)
Eco-Teeth Works against halitosis and gum disease. Works as a pre- and post-operative therapy. For dental abscess and gingivitis. Use daily in their drinking water to combat plaque (Reg no. G3300)


Advanced Conditions

Eco-Anaemia The first choice in all forma of anaemias. Blood tonic for regeneration and replacement of damaged red blood cells. Particularly as a biliary tonic and as a restorative following surgery. Treats anaemia, blood loss, regeneration of red cells and chronic biliary problems. (Reg no. G3051)
Eco-Ears Supporting aural function in animals. Works for bruising, bites, ear discharge, ear eczema and ear shaking. Treats otitis and haematomata. (Reg no. G3093)
Eco-Epilep A natural and tranquiliser-free medicine for use as therapy in epilepsy and the treatment of head trauma. Is used for fit control and head injuries in general. (Reg no. G3090)
Eco-Eyes For the treatment of conjunctivitis, pannus, epiphora and corneal ulceration. (Reg no. G3099)
Eco-Fem For female hormone regulation. The answer to female hormone replacement therapy. For the improvement of conception, pregnancy and incontinence. Works as breeding support and HRT post neutering. (Reg no. G3097) Often used in conjunction with Eco-Bladder
Eco-Heart A heart and lung tonic for use as an aid in the stabilisation of most forms of heart disease. To improve circulatory defects associated with muscular, conduction and valvular problems of the heart. Also works as a performance and recovery tonic and a stimulant for the elderly. (Reg no. G3095)
Eco-Lame Medicine for the professional to enable horses and working dogs to maintain peak performance. For early lameness therapy prior to a definite diagnosis being available. Treats difficult back problems. Can be used for pain and athletic recovery. (Reg no. G3302)
Eco-Liver Treatment for liver problems. Works as a general detoxifier. Treatment of actual hepatitis and a support in all forms of liver dysfunction. A performance booster and a debility recovery tonic. (Reg no. G3294)