Bruno – Eco-Joint

My 3-year-old Chow, Bruno, has had two knee operations since 2009. They fixed two plates to his knee in order to keep it in position (June 2009). He also had a ligament operation (September 2009) to the same knee 9 weeks after the plates. After both operations he was almost immobile and needed to be rehabilitated. He also lived secluded for that time and we had to restrict his movements by keeping him on a leash. Out of desperation I started using the Eco-Vet range seeing that the recovery of his leg seemed unstable. I decided to put him on Eco-Joint in October 2009 and after the second bottle decided to combine Eco-Joint with Eco-Bone. In February/ March 2010 when the first cold front hit I was concerned over his leg – but to my relief his leg seemed to have recovered a 100% with not a trace of an operation been done. He has finished the bottle of Eco-Bone and I have changed his treatment by adding Eco-Heal together with the Eco-Joint and as to date Bruno is doing very well.