Karin and Shaolin Watling – Eco-Fear

Shaolin is a very confident mare with people, but she’s also extremely defensive when it comes to her food. She can be fiercely physically demonstrative in terms of protecting that in respect of other horses, including her own foal. I have a longstanding friend who’s been a devoted believer in the Eco-Vet products for many years, so I decided to try Eco-Fear, within a week of treatment Shaolin had relaxed somewhat. Within a month Shaolin was completely relaxed. Thanks undoubtedly have to go to Eco-Fear! We’re now using it for another of our mares who’s afraid of storms. Thank you Eco-Vet.

Moira Nortjé – Eco-Neph

Approximately 1 ½ years ago I reacted to an advert you placed in the Huisgenoot , in connection with a dog that had chronic kidney failure. My dog too had the same symptoms, with chronic kidney failure; all his hair fell out until only a ridge of hair down his back remained. The vet was eventually suggesting that we have him put down. Then I read your advert and started using Eco-Neph, and Eco-Anemia. Within a few days there was a marked improvement and today although he still has patches of dead welts on his back, his hair has grown back again, and he is well and healthy!

Tiziana with Dolce and Gabbana Roma – Eco-Epilep

My dogs (adopted from the SPCA) two female Basset hounds, Dolce and Gabbana, are both prone to having epileptic fits which the SPCA were not aware of when they were confiscated. Unbeknown to me I got a shock of my life when Dolce one day looked like she was battling to breathe, her body going into spasms, and making helpless sounds. I rushed her to the vet and was told that she had had a fit. He prescribed Eco-Epilep which I started to give her for a short while. Two years later Gabbana also had an attack and was also put on Eco-Epilep. As at this day, neither one of them has had any problems with an epileptic attack.

Bruno – Eco-Joint

My 3-year-old Chow, Bruno, has had two knee operations since 2009. They fixed two plates to his knee in order to keep it in position (June 2009). He also had a ligament operation (September 2009) to the same knee 9 weeks after the plates. After both operations he was almost immobile and needed to be rehabilitated. He also lived secluded for that time and we had to restrict his movements by keeping him on a leash. Out of desperation I started using the Eco-Vet range seeing that the recovery of his leg seemed unstable. I decided to put him on Eco-Joint in October 2009 and after the second bottle decided to combine Eco-Joint with Eco-Bone. In February/ March 2010 when the first cold front hit I was concerned over his leg – but to my relief his leg seemed to have recovered a 100% with not a trace of an operation been done. He has finished the bottle of Eco-Bone and I have changed his treatment by adding Eco-Heal together with the Eco-Joint and as to date Bruno is doing very well.

Hein and Nadine – Eco-Scratch

We want to thank and congratulate you on the quality of your products. We inherited a sickly cat that was left behind when the previous owners moved. The cat had periods where he had no hair. The previous owners took him to the vet but with no avail. We used Eco-Scratch and the cat has healed completely with regards to his fur. When transporting the cat we also use Eco-Travel for his travel anxiety. Needless to say it lowers his and our stress as well!

Elaine and Jock Henderson

Jock has had serious health problems all his life but thanks to you Eco-Vet, he has made a recovery. It is a miracle that he has overcome the pain, the discomfort and the stress caused by years of chronic cystitis.

He will never be a robust GSD(German Shepard dog), he is very precious to us and we love him dearly.

Pier and Viking Rush

Viking has always been a healthy horse, but in early October 2006 he became inexplicably lame. I called the vet out, X-rays were taken. I received news that he had lower ringbone, an arthritic condition; the prognosis was not good. He needed to be retired or to be put down! This was not an option.

I heard about Eco-Vet through a chat site, and upon contacting them I was reassured that Viking is indeed treatable. Viking began a program of daily exercise and supplements. Now 6 years later, and a long road travelled, if someone were to ask me if I would do it again, just to have Viking in my life, my answer would be a resounding “YES”.

I know that I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Eco-Vet!

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